Myths About Dog Photography Debunked

I want to talk about some common myths and misconceptions people might have about booking a professional dog photography experience. As a pet and equine photographer, I understand there might be doubts or concerns about getting professional pictures of your furry friends. But fear not because I’m here to clarify things and show you why it’s worth it!

A refresh to my professional dog photography studio

One of the best things I’ve done in recent years is building my dog photography studio.

It’s flown by, but five years ago, I broke ground on the foundation groundworks for my studio space. I’d previously run my sales and studio dog portrait sessions from a dedicated space in my house, but it was time to take it to a purpose-built location.

I’m fortunate that I had sufficient space to build the studio I wanted on the grounds of my home. Having been in business for quite some time, I really knew what I wanted and could specify the right size and fundamentally how dark I needed it too.

My top pet photography tip for how to get an epic shot of your easily distracted dog looking right into the camera

Does your dog suffer from ‘Squirrel syndrome’ when you are trying to get those perfect photos?

We all know the problem…we’ve spent the last few minutes trying to get our dog to sit in the perfect location with the best background for you to create that memorable photograph.

Here are a few tips for you to use when you are next out enjoying life with your dogs

Tips for taking the perfect pet portrait with your dog

We often struggle to take photographs that do our dogs and their character justice. Perhaps they’re just too fast for you, and you end up with a blur of a tail and nothing else. Or your dog is too dark, and all you can see is a pair of eyes. Maybe they’ve got a short attention span, and you can’t get them to look at you or the camera for that perfect shot.

Here are a few tips for you to use when you are next out enjoying life with your dogs

2021 - A review of the year

2021 – A review of the year

Another year has passed by so quickly

2021 has been a struggle for everyone, but I’m so pleased that when the rules allowed me to re-open I’ve been able to meet so many lovely dogs and their owners.

I’m very grateful to those clients who trusted me to capture their dogs out on location and travel to spend time in our little part of the beautiful North Wales countryside.