Book your outdoor dog photography experience today for only £50

£20 of your fee is donated to Dogs Trust and 100% of your fee counts as artwork credit

Our dogs mean so much to us, so why shouldn’t we celebrate that with lasting images of them for you to cherish?

Book this amazing charity fund-raising offer, so you can have beautiful memories of the dogs you love.  Get all of these for just a £50 booking fee:

  • A location pet portrait experience and a £50 artwork credit.
  • £20 of your fee to will be donated Dogs Trust too.
  • Save over £200 off our regular pricing.
  • Stunning country park located just south of Chester.

I have the perfect setting to capture amazing portraits of your dogs.  Sessions, like these, in the past have produced international award-winning photographs!

This special promotion allows me to offer the same amazing experience whilst supporting a really great charity too.  I’ve raised over £30,000 for charities in the past, which I would love to increase further with your support.

Just fill in the form to take part and help raise funds that will mean so much to the charity.

  • So I can determine how far my clients are travelling to me

What's included in your charity session


Support a great charity and save money too


All of your £50 fee will be credited against any artwork you purchase


Book your experience at a stunning country park location in a village just south of Chester.


Return to the studio to view the perfect slideshow of the images created from your session and select your favourites to be turned into artwork


Special package pricing to purchase stunning wall art from the session

– saving £100s

As seen in

As seen in

Frequently asked questions

How well trained does my dog need to be?

Whilst it would be useful for your dog to have a basic sit/stay, especially for studio sessions, I have worked with many dogs of mixed abilities over the years. We will work together at an appropriate pace to create the best images possible whilst ensuring that your dog isn’t under any stress.

What if weather impacts our booking?

We will always reschedule when the weather doesn’t play ball, and we can’t head out on location on the day we’ve got booked in the diary.  It’s actually quite unusual that we get impacted by poor weather conditions, and there is no charge in such instances.

My dog is too nervous and doesn't like cameras.

I’ve incredible amounts of patience and will never put a dog through anything they are not happy with for the sake of a photograph.  Unlike your camera phone, I am able to work with my camera from a long distance away which often means the dogs don’t even know they are being photographed.

My black coloured dog never photographs well.

As the owner of a black dog myself I appreciate how hard they are to photograph.  My many years experience means that I know how to photograph their dark fur perfectly.  Both out on location and in studio you will love how they look in your finished artwork.

What if my dog can't be off lead?

It might surprise you to know that almost 75% of my sessions involve some of the images being taken with leads in place.  As you can see from the example, using special leads and the magic of Photoshop, even multiple dogs can be photographed safely this way.

North Wales Dog Photographer - Lead Removal - BeforeNorth Wales Dog Photographer - Lead Removal - After
Award winning dog photographer

Award Winning

Winner of numerous awards from both International and UK based dog photography competitions:

Twice Xperience Dog Photographer of the Year, twice award winner in Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year, twice SWPP Dog Photographer of the Year Finalist, finalist in the International Pet Photographer of the Year Awards and holder of five WPPI Silver Awards.