Would like to join my model database?

Fill in your details to be added to my database of potential models to join me on commercial shoots with clients

I’m fortunate to receive requests for commercial client commissions throughout the year.  Here’s your chance to potentially participate in those shoots and receive payment for your time too.

Unless it’s just a photograph of a product/toy/food, every commercial shoot I might be booked for needs at least one model dog to appear in the imagery.  Commercial clients sometimes come to me with their choice of pre-selected dogs, but they often ask me to recommend and provide dogs too.

My dog model database allows me to quickly select potential models and pass the commercial client a list of dogs they might want to select for their shoot.  Every shoot is different and has specific model needs.  So I’m open to all sorts of dogs going on my database.  All dogs are welcome to join, regardless of breed, cross, size, age or colour.

There is no charge to join the database, and this is not a commitment to take part in any shoot I might offer you; I will always let you know if I would like to put you forward for a commercial shoot.  So you can say ‘no’ to any request or withdraw from the model database anytime.

All you need to do is pop your details in the form, and I’ll contact you with any questions I might have.

As seen in

As seen in
Examples of dog wall art
Example wall art cluster